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Digital Coupons


Digital Couponing

With the advent of our digital coupon environment, inefficiencies are eliminated. Retailers, brands, and consumers all benefit from the savings, targeting, and timeliness of digital coupons Самолет Плюс Москва.  Advertisers with digital coupons can enjoy transparent and  immediate roll-out of promotional programs. Presentation, validation, and redemption of our digital coupons all occur electronically on the back end. There is no need for costly integration with retailers’ point-of-sale (POS) systems and no need to change retail operations, and there is nothing for staff to view, recognize, record, track, or file. Retailers can use location-based and spend-based digital coupons to increase spend and foot traffic, reward loyal customers, increase repeat business, and boost sales for particular days and times. They can gain a deep understanding of customers and transactions—shopper-level insights—including who redeemed which digital coupon, where they shop, what they buy, and the time that elapsed between digital coupon acceptance and redemption.