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Coupon is now a verb. Do 75% of women coupon?


Yes, coupon is now a verb. While Webster’s does not currently define coupon as a verb, I now declare it so. Actually, I have to admit, I was a bit surprised that I didn’t find it defined that way in our language’s official vernacular. With the growth of coupon clipping over the years, it would have been quite expected for me to see the term used to describe an action being taken.

When you view the Coupon Mint insights on Facebook, it’s clear that women lead the pack in seeking to save money, share things relative to saving, and run the financial interest of their homes. Are their exceptions? Of course.

This graph shows a 75% visitation/”Like” rate of female to males in the Coupon Mint Fan Page on Facebook.




Brian Quinton in Promo Magazine from ChiefMarketer.com writes, “The Morpace Omnibus Report for March 2011 found that online coupon use is slightly higher among females, 72% of whom reported printing out coupons from Web sites, than among males (59%). Consumers with annual household incomes over $50,000 also over-indexed on printing online coupons; 71% of respondents in that category reported doing so, compared to 61% for those from households with incomes under $50,000.”

I find it interesting that higher income earners find couponing, note the use of the term as a verb, as a viable worthwhile way to spend their time in saving hard earned money.

Morpace researchers stated this interesting insight, “Perhaps our most surprising finding was not only that so many among the over-55 age group were aware of online coupons but that 69% had actually used an online coupon,” says Andrew Smith, head of Morpace’s customer service division. “What we’ve seen in other research is that the older generation tends to be more concerned about things such as privacy, email addresses getting stolen and other security concerns. So it was definitely surprising to see that age group scored highest for both awareness and usage in this case.”

Couponing is here to stay. Digital forms are  moving to the forefront.

Sherman Mohr serves as CMO for GoLoco Media Group, parent company of Coupon Mint Magazine, a 20 year old print advertising firm specializing in coupon magazines delivered via direct mail to approximately 400,000 locations every quarter.