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Digital Advertising and Media Portal


Digital Advertising Portal

Mint Media Group developed a one-of-a-kind advertising agency portal that provides businesses, agents and brokers the ability to prepare, implement, order, send, target and manage digital advertising and marketing campaigns over the web.   The agency system is very robust and comprehensive, allowing ad agencies to implement mobile (SMS & MMS), desktop, email and internet advertising all from one dashboard, and launching each campaign immediately or on a schedule.

We are the first to offer a turnkey application for the advertising and marketing industry. The Company believes ad agencies and media brokers will all want to take advantage of the GoLoco agency platform.  Our system eliminates the current complicated and time consuming process of ordering digital advertising.  The agent merely logs in, uploads the message and/or creative, selects the delivery channels and consumer target groups (geographic, demographic and behavioral), schedules when the campaign will run, and presses the order and confirm button.   “An agency can launch an ad campaign literally within minutes of receiving an ad order from their advertiser.