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Direct mail in 370,000 mail boxes for as little as .06 cents?


GoLoco Media’s acquisition of Coupon Mint Magazine in April 2011 brought print and digital media into a new relationship. One of the highest value propositions in print was discovered to be the detached address label used to mail the 370,000 Coupon Mint Magazines that go out to specific addresses or zones every quarter. With the use of Detached Address Labels, Coupon Mint is able to leave the front cover of its publication, Coupon Mint Magazine completely free for use by cover advertisers.

The detached address label allows advertisers far more real estate for direct mail creative and half postcards sizes do literally cost about .06 cents a mail box delivered.

Check out https://samoletplus.ru/msk/kupit-kvartiru-2-komnatnuyu/ for a complete explanation. Also, note this, if you need a digitally integrated strategy into the postcard, i.e. a Facebook contest, Email promotion, QR code strategies, or anything else digital, we want to assist. The postcard from Coupon Mint may be the best directly targeted vehicle in the Middle TN market today.

Direct Mail in Middle TN and Southern KY for .06 Cents a Mail Box

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